03 July 2005

My Big July 2nd (grin)

So, ok, this morning started off with us both being a bit on the short side of our tempers, not for any one particular reason but the damn heat and humidity was not helping matters at all.  My guy and I were in his pick-up, rolling down my dusty-ass country dirt road when we meet this other vehicle coming toward us with the two men and one woman waving frantically at us.  So we stop along side them.

"I lost me a lil ole brown n white mule.  She sho is a beeeyooouuut."  says the driver.
The woman leans over, as though the additional 6 inches is going to help us hear her better over the truck engines and such.  "the game warden said she's out this-a way"
The other man seats silently against the passenger door.  I have a feeling he must be no stranger to that position.
The driver says, "yap, so if'n ya see her, give us a call."

We didn't have to.  Because the mule came out of the tall hay onto the gravel road behind them and started to amble on away.  So we pointed out that the mule was right there, behind them.  The woman shoved the man out of the way, he held the door open for her and then got back in to resume his position once she grabbed the pail and rope from the bed of the truck and went to catch her the mule.

The driver was right, she sure was a pretty lil thing.  The mule, not the woman.

We continued on into town, where I was going to upgrade my sleeping accomodations.  I was thinking it would be a simple deal.  Not a big production.  Nope.  I thought wrong.

See, a couple months ago, I decided that the reason that I was not getting much sleep when my guy came over was because my bed was a full size while his is California King.  We were both accostumed to our own sprawl.  Now, that was not to slight my guy, cuz there are other reasons I might not get much sleep when he is here, but being mindful of AOL's TOS...well, I'm sticking to the "not enough room to sleep" story.

By the way, no one has box SPRINGS anymore, they have platforms (which they call springs, but there are no springs involved).  Platforms are usually poorly constructed from cheap materials and cannot withstand wear and tear.  The yellow pine 1x1 which is stabled to the cardboard is NOT the same as springs.  Just thought ya might like to know.

So, long story somewhat shorter...I found this good deal where I could exchange one of the mattresses I had for a complete queen sized set.  Or so I thought, cuz it may be not such a good deal.  It's all said and done with, over, so now we wait.

But right now, it ain't looking so good for the mattress queen, I mean, team.  Tonight, my guy mutters to me that the bed is too friggin hard.  On the prepice of sleep he mumbles that he might as well go on, because he can tell he won't be able to (snore).

I have enough room to arrange my limbs just so.  Settling my head at just the right angle, I close my eyes and sigh.  Then after two hours I finally get up.  Cuz my guy is doing the herky jerky in his sleep and I'm not getting any (sleep that is).  I don't know if he has restless leg syndrome, if he was having a bad night's rest, if he was dreaming of falling, or what.  But it was one spasm after another and not quite enough time for me to get to sleep between times.

Anyway, we find the mule, we exchange bed sets, we get said set set-up, take showers, and head out to Old Navy.  My guy has been so sweet to me.  Especially during the whole mattress, bed, "how does the friggen frame fit" thing...

Now folks, ya ain't gonna be believing me on this, but...I hate to shop.  Very rarely will I enjoy shopping.  We went to Old Navy (I thought) so we could get some clothes for him.  Cuz he likes to look good and rightly so.

Before today, I have never been inside an Old Navy.  Freaky, huh?

Well, let me tell ya, those folks in the fitting room were probably glad to see my butt leave the store, because I must have tried on every style of clothing in the plus size in that store.  We found a very cool jacket, sorta "Spanglish" like, in a sage green.  Love it, love it, love it.  Two black halter-tops...blush, I decided to try on one of the maternity tops and it fit better than the regular ones, so I bought it, dammit!!  Actually, these were all treats from my guy.

He took me to a chinese restaurant.  Wonderful.  Then he took me back to Old Navy and I tried on 12 pairs on pants (I kid you not, I even threw in another pair so I'd have a baker's dozen).  Sweat was rolling down my cheeks, I was reminded why I don't really care to shop.  It's not fun struggling in and out of stuff and painful for me to stand there and stare in the mirror.

But I modeled for my guy, and we would laugh and joke about some of the stuff.  No right minded company should have ever cut size 2xl warm-ups with pink and purple elephants dancing on them.  That's just WRONG, people!!

My guy was amazing and helped enormously with the decions of what looked good and what did not.  The shopping trip turned into an all about me spree and he was really cool with that.  In fact, I think he was pretty tickled with my "kid set loose in a candy store" reaction.

So, first we find a mule, then we take it to the mattresses (not the mule, just a phrase I thought would be appropriate), then we go shopping, break for dinner, and shop some more.

But wait!!  It's not over.  Nope.

We went to see "War of the Worlds".  It was pretty good.  Towards the beginning of the movie, just as all hell breaks loose (I feel I can say that and not be spoiling any surprises here, right?), I think, "what would I do, if something so totally beyond my realm of comprehension were to rear its ugly little head and bite my butt..."  Let's hope THAT never happens, cuz I would be about as useful as a semi-formed bowl of jello.

Anyway, that was my big day, and it's not even the fourth yet!!  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and be SAFE.

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  1. WOW....You really did have a big day. I have restless body syndrome and it's like being in bed with a Mexican jumping bean. (No fun for the bean either!) I didn't know Old Navy had plus sizes.....I'll have to go in and take a peek.   Anne


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