22 July 2005

hey there from alabam

yesterday was a very odd day.

i tried to do my medical stuff.  they sent me from one office to the other to the phone, cuz they said that there is no person that i can meet face to face.  how can that be?

anyway, i decided to worry about it next week.  so i drove over to alabama.  see some of my friends.

but first, i wanted to make the rounds i have been dreading.  stopping by to see my old properties.  seeing folks who were my life of then and have no place in it now.

o m g, my life is so much better now than it had been then.  omg.  i cannot even begin to express the horrific conditions of my previous life, as evidences by the blast from the past.

on the upside though, i did also see some wonderful folks that i've missed.  in fact, now i am spending the weekend with some of my friends i've not seen in awhile.  and i think it will all be just fine, even fun.  grin.

i'm getting sleepy.  yesterday was a big day.  more when i get home.

love  to  ya's


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  1. stupidsheetguyFriday, 22 July, 2005

    Well, as best I can tell, as long as everything bad gets countered by something good, you're always breaking even! Hey, you got to see some old friends, right?

    Sounds good.



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