16 July 2005

Not a Real Cop,

didn't even play one on TV; but, Victor Edward Willis was the cop in the Village People.  Remember them?  Heard of them?  Ya know, YMCA, MACHO MAN, and IN THE NAVY?  Flashback to the 70s?  Yeah, them.

Well, it seems recently Willis got pulled over in his Corvette by a real cop in California.  Things aren't looking so good for the guy.  No valid license, no registration, no insurance, then there's the lying...cops are pains about that pesky lil thing, like pretending you are someone else...oh, and let's not forget the .45, coke, and all its paraphenelia.

Although Willis lives in a mobile home, he was able to post the $100,000 bail.  Gosh, Wally, how'd that happen?  Anyway, Willis faces arraignment 16 August.

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  1. I'm not sure, but I think he was "One toke over the line, Sweet Jesus!"  ha  Anne


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