19 July 2005

Tuesday's Tidbits: On Being Me

Giving you a little piece of my heart, sharing the love, can ya dig it?

I love to read, to visit with good friends, to do cawfee and tawk, to play with my dogs, to write, to eat really good ice-cream, to visit with my parents, and most of all, I love being with my guy.

For those who don't realize, my guy and I live 2 hrs apart.  He is west of Oxford and I am north of Starkville (that's Mississippi).  We get together when we can.  We talk either by phone or IM almost everyday, even if it's just to say, I care, I love ya, I'm thinking of ya.

My 65 lb. black lab has been with me since was 2 months old.  She is almost four years old.  Shaddow is so beautiful, soft, and sweet-mannered.

She loves Ziggee, who joined our home in April.  He is 2 yrs old and under 10 pounds.  He is a "rat-cha".  Rat terrier are often called Feist.  There is some chihuahua in him too.  So he is slightly bigger than a chihuahua, but smaller than a feist.  His coat is not as soft as Shaddow's.  But he does not shed nearly as much either.  Shaddow has two coats, and webbed toes, to help her swim.  Cuz that's what labs are supposed to do.

I was a cat-person til a few years ago.  Even though I loved em, I was terribly allergic.  But we never had dogs that weren't puppies.  So I did not know if I really liked Dogs or not.  By default I ended up with Shaddow.  I wouldn't give her up for the world.  I've also grown very attached to Ziggee in the short time he's been here.

The pups get along fine.  They play together.  Ziggee copies the way Shaddow lays to sleep.  It is so very calming to pet them when they are sleeping and all relaxed.

So sometimes when I think I am going to pull the cool earth over me and sprout thick green grasses, I focus on my dogs.  Because they are more than dogs to me, more than pets.  They are my companions.

I need them just as much if not more than they need me.

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  1. Oh how I love da dogs!   Anne


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