28 July 2005

Recap Wed

Yesterday, I called Medicare.

But wait!  Let's revisit last Thursday.  I went to the local Medicaid office, who sent me to the social security office, who told me I must call the Medicare offic.  I asked if I couldn't speak to someone, face to face.  The woman looked at me, snapped and swiveled her little head on her little neck and all but shouted, I said, no!

Yeah, so ok, it took til yesterday for me to gather my wits about me and call medicare.  She wass rather nice and answered as many questions as possible.  Then she started to refer me to the medicaid office for help on the other questions I had written.  So I told her about medicaid palming me off on social security and so on.

She was shocked.  Horrified.  And dare I say that I detected a little relish in her voice?  Why, yes, I do dare!

So she typed up a few complaints at my request and submitted them and I should hear something from someone on Monday or Tuesday.


  1. gosh, I am proud of you for not losing YOUR cool. LIke I said, if you can find ONE person who is your contact, it's a good thing.  Hang in there!   Anne

  2. You Go Girl!



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