25 July 2005

"Home, Home again, I like to be here when I can"

Well, although I had a good weekend, visitting friends, having picnics and such; I was immensely relieved when I parked in my own yard last night. Which brings up an interesting point.  And it fits nicely with Monday's Mental Illness Information.

While many people with mental illnesses are NOT rainmanesque in their need for routine and familiar surroundings, most of us do function better if we do have some amount of routine.  This routine can be highly individualized and often times whatever works for that particular individual.  Very few of us like to have our lives hemmed into a box that someone else forces upon us, but discovering what works well for us and then sticking with it makes life a little more predictable, a little less threatening, and a little more enjoyable.

Many of these things can be said of everyday people, not just those with mental illnesses.  By no means do we corner the market!  So, not only am I happy to be home, with my pups, but I am also glad to be in my own surroundings, able to adhere to my own routine.


  1. I'm gonna link to this on my blog.  GREAT info.


  2. You are a wise woman Debra. I am so proud of you.  Keep on writing.  Anne


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