01 June 2011

Feed the Blitz, getcher alerts here!

Some of you are automatically eMailed my entries as I post them.  However, I only have ten addresses that may go into that internal service in my blog.  So I'd like to let you know how you too can set up a wonderful account with FeedBlitz so that you can do what all the cool kids do {and by that I mean me, cuz I'm a cool kid in my own book, regardless of my own techno~phobic ways}.

There are several blogs and other websites that I really like, but don't want to check continuously for updates.  I have a life and other better more important things to do, like ponder my ever expanding belly~button which seems to be getting deeper as I get fatter.  So, I use FeedBlitz.

Here's what happens:  I think, "oh hey!  I really like this uber~kewl site!"  So I go to my account with FeedBlitz and add the site to my subscriptions.  Then whenever there is a new post to that site, I get a notification in my eMail with the entire new entry!  Wahoo!

This works for any site that has new info posted, when it is posted.  Did I say, "wahoo!" yet?  Yes, I did!  And I'll say it again!  Wahoo!

"Well," you say, "it sounds sorta complicated, Debra...why would I want to do such a thing?"  No, I say, it may sound sorta complicated, but it's not!  Here's the skuupp so that you too can be like me, uber~kewl kidz unite!

If ya look to the left, you'll see a bar of links.  One of the is "Feed the Blitz, Getcher Alerts Here!".  Click on it and you will go here:  http://www.feedblitz.com

Once there, you can poke around the site and learn all about FeedBlitz or you can immediately say, "well, hey, Debra recommends it, so that's good enough for me" and start setting up your FREE account.  Register here.

The screen will have three places for you to complete.  One is your eMail address.  Then you enter your password for your new FeedBlitz account {choose a different one than the one you use for your eMail account, k?  or not, 'sup ta ya!}.  Then re~enter that same password for your new FeedBlitz account.  Go to your eMail, check it for a message from FeedBlitz, open it, click on the lil link that should open and confirm a new account with FeedBlitz for you.

Easy peasy?  Why, yes, it was!

Now, there are TONS of things you can do with FeedBlitz, but I primarily use it to get my alerts of new postings sent to my eMail.  To do this, you just go under "subscriptions" and copy/paste the link to that page or blog or site from which you want to receive updates.  For instance, for my blog, you would put "http://debrasdose.blogspot.com" into the appropriate space that asks for which site you would like to subscribe.

Then the next time I post an entry, you will receive an alert and copy of my post to your eMail from FeedBlitz.  Easy peasy?  Why, yes!

Now, if for some reason you still say, "Debra, that is way to complicated for me...what can I do?"  A couple of things, one option is that you can grab some ultra~techophile and say, "here, read this entry and do it for me!"  Another option is for you to just bookmark my site and continue to check it.  Another option is that you can add it to your blogroll if you also have a blog with blogger/blogspot.  Another option is to .... well you get the idea.

Now, if I already have you listed on my internal service and you have been receiving my posts in your eMail, don't worry.  You'll still continue to receive the eMails.  However, do keep in mind that I am limited by blogger/blogspot to ten eMail addys for my archives.  That's why I urge you to set up a FeedBlitz account so that you can receive all your alerts and not just mine.  Cuz ya know, I've run out of my allotment.  And just added the last person I will be adding.  However if you do create an account and opt for another way to receive your alerts that I've posted a new entry, please let me know so that I can take your address off my internal archiving system, k?  Much appreciated!

You can let me know by leaving a comment or eMailing me.  See on the left?  Where it says, "View my complete profile"?  Click on it, it will take you to...uhm...my complete profile.  Once there, on the left under "contact" it says "eMail".  Click on that and wow! there is my eMail address.  k?  K!

Go, go now!  Do it!

By the way, the short list of "blogs I follow" on my profile is not accurate.  Why?  Cuz most of the blogs I do follow are listed thru my FeedBlitz so that I receive the alerts that way.


  1. nice blog
    i have bookmarked it

  2. I follow you (and the hats...hee hee) with my blogger reader -- seems to work pretty well for me.


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