18 June 2011

Pattern Binders

My printer is doing all sorts of fascinating stutters and whirring.  I think it may be dying.  This makes me sad {sniffle}.

So this means that I've been unable to print a few square patterns for a crochet~along I'm doing with a couple of fun ladies on~line.  Then I remembered late last night that I have binders.  This makes me happy {yea}!

I've not thought of these binders full of patterns in ... quite some time.  The one open on the table is full of granny squares.  The one closed is just dishcloths and doilies.  Since many of those items could be interchangeable, I got both binders out to start browsing thru.  This makes me pleased {humming}.

Also pictured are my other binders.  Afghans, filet, special stitches, sweaters, tunisian, knitting, looming, wearables, and something else that I'm not remembering right off the top of my head {I could go look, but I'm too lazy at the moment}.  Since it's been years since I opened these, I'm eager to see what's in them.  This makes me excited {grins}!

So today, and for the rest of the weekend, I plan to tinker about, looking thru these binders, picking patterns, crocheting squares to be used in lapghans for the VA Vets in Jackson, drinking tea, watching some TiVo'd CSIs, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, L&O:CI, and movies.  This makes me delighted {wahoo}!

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  1. I'm cursed when it comes to printers...I go through em like disposable razors for some reason...


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