12 June 2011

Avoiding the Twisties cont'd

What other options might be available to me when I am working with multiple color changes in the same row, Debra?  Answer me that!  Well, one method that comes to mind is one that works quite well for some folks.  They cut the yarn and later weave the ends in for each block of color in one row.  This doesn't really set well with me, cuz I find it a lil labor intensive and dislike having multiple ends poking out.  Plus with more ends, the risk of the piece unraveling is more likely.  That's not pretty.

Yeah, so, then ya say, "what the hell, Debra?  My afghan is getting to be too large to go flipping and it gets tangled cuz it's so heavy.  What now, huh?  huh?  HUH?"  Easy there, dudes!  Here's another thing that I do when my king~sized afghan progresses to a nice length and weight.

As I go along my row, when I'm done with that ball of yarn color for the row, I actually just plop it down on the piece.  And the next one and so on and so on.  When I finish the row, all my balls or skeins of yarn are now actually sitting on the piece.  Are ya ready?

I spin the piece around so that the left is now the right and the right is now the left.  It's a 180 degree spin, that makes the end now the beginning.  I'm all ready to start the new row.

The last time I worked on a large project where this was the case, my husband had asked me to come into the kitchen and I said, "ok, just let me finish tucking in my balls" referring to the yarn and the piece before I spun it around and got it ready to start the new row.  Things got really quiet as my husband cleared his throat and said, "come again?"

snicker.  I take the chuckles where I find them, ya know?

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  1. WHenever I have to deal with a bunch of wires and cables (TV or computer) I pray for instant death.
    (I get easily frustrated)


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