07 June 2011

lapghan #1

Okey dokey, so what I posted the other day was a first~try mini~version of a graph that I did of the heart of the Coast Guard emblem, the shield.  Mine only has nine stripes versus the thirteen on the shield.  I'd asked my husband {a retired Coastie} if he thought anyone would be offended by my not having the exact number of stripes.  He'd said that he didn't think so.  I might go ahead and revamp the graph so that I can have the shield be more accurate on the next time around.

But for the time being, here is the second attempt at using the graph, the first time I'm making it to lapghan size.  Here are the first few rows at the bottom.  See how much straighter my stripes are?

These lapghans are for the VA in Jackson, so that the vets can choose a lapghan that is special to them.  I plan to incorporate or isolate elements from the official emblem of all five branches of the service.  Plus do a few that are patriotic {red, white, and blue}, a few that are green/brown camo themed, a few that are black/white, a few that are featuring blues, etc.  And I probably will do a few that are more feminine too, cuz not all our vets are manly men.


  1. You're getting more and more ambitious. Sounds like a LOT of work.

  2. This will be well-liked by any recipient. A lot of skill (& love) goes into each one.


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