12 June 2011

One year since the wreck

Long time readers will know that my husband and I met in mid~December 2008, married at the end of October 2009, and then my husband was involved in a wreck in mid~June 2010.  He made an amazing recovery and many things have happened and changed and strengthened in our relationship as a couple, and personally as individuals, since then.  Most stuff is in this blog, but quite a bit of stuff is not; cuz it wasn't my info to share and most of the drama was just that...drama that wasn't and isn't ours.

I'd planned to take my husband to a steakhouse for dinner Friday as a surprise, to celebrate his wonderful recovery and what an amazing man he is.  But he really had a stressful day and even left work early so that he could come home and work outside.  The physical activity helped him blow off some steam and get rid of some of his frustration and lingering ickyness from earlier in the day.

So I decided to take him to Old Hickory on Saturday afternoon/evening {they don't open til 4p}.  Before we had gone for dinner, while I was running some errands and picking up some produce; my husband spent the morning outside doing some very nice sharp detailing to our yard.  He enjoys doing that and it's a point of pride of ownership.  It's also a celebration of how far he has come in this past year.

Also before dinner, we worked with some Great Stuf {very sticky spray foam which expands and hardens, making a good insulation for gaps and such}.  It's a two person job to clean up before it gets too tacky and move quickly enough so that the foam doesn't block the application tube, rendering the can useless.  Next weekend, he'll paint the new crown moulding we plan to use as trim around the opening between the breakfast nook and kitchen.  He wants to install it then too.  Our home has settled over the years and the reroofing has revealed a bit of a gap between the halves of the main part of the house.  So we're addressing that properly instead of just slapping something up to cover it...it's our peacefully soothing home and we want to keep it that way.

Yesterday, late afternoon, I took him to Old Hickory, a small steak house in Columbus, MS.  If you've any taste for steak, you will love this place.  I've not been for a few years, but have always enjoyed it, whenever I've been there.  We had a great meal and were able to relax for awhile.

Then we drove around and visited a few sites that will be interesting to spend more time at in the future.  When we finally did come home, we watched a movie that he'd TiVo'd from the free channel.  It stormed a bit and we felt all nice and snug under our new roof.  We were a lil disappointed that we didn't hear rain falling on the metal roof, but that means that there most likely is more insulation than we had thought and that's a good thing!

As we were snuggling down for the night, my husband said that he was glad to have had the afternoon and evening, but let's not celebrate the wreck on an annual basis.  I agreed.  We are ready to put it behind us and continue moving forward.

Today, I've done a lil crocheting on the graphed lapghan, but to tell the truth, I'm a bit bored by it right now.  I don't want to set it aside, as then I won't dig it out again and it will languish as a work~in~progress, perpetually.  So I'm gonna get started working on it again and maybe the fun of it will come back and replace some of the residual unease from Friday's stresses.

All in all, it was a great weekend!  I hope yours is too!


  1. I can't believe it's been a year. Wow.

  2. It was a great weekend and I thank you for a wonderful time!


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