04 June 2011

meet Phredd

Sophie, our lil chiweenie, is now eight months old.  Her favorite toy was an elongated dachshund~like monkey~faced squeaky that also gave monkey~ahh~ohh~ah~AHHAHAHHHz if squeezed in just the right spot.  We called the monkey "George" and Sophie LOVED that thing.  When I first brought it home for her in January, it was actually longer than she was.  She has grown over the last few months, so she now is bigger than George.  Well, Sophie started choking the other day and I pried out some fuzz from her lil throat.  I examined George and he was missing a bit of stuffing from just behind his neck, where Sophie would put a strangling hold on him.

After I put him up on the counter, Sophie sat just beneath him and whined and whimpered and sounded rather sad and pathetic.  So I asked Jerry to get Sophie another similar toy, but he'd already put it on his list.  Great minds think alike!

So meet Phredd!  Phredd is considered a loofah~dog by MultiPet International.  Loofah~dogs come in different lengths, colors, etc.

Sophie loves him!  She grabbed him out of Jerry's hand and raced with him to the chair and settled her body down next to his and started to nosh on his ears right off.  Phredd is a good bit bigger than George was, once again, being longer than Sophie.  We don't think Sophie will grow much bigger, she's pretty much topped her range at fifteen pounds.  She already has designated Phredd as her favorite toy, placing him on her lil bed when she is done playing with him.


  1. I've got two little chewers and I haven't found anything they can't nibble to death.


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