08 June 2011

reroofing, day 2

So, there is a new roof on the addition, and they did the back half of the main house and a portion of the front.  I went out to see how they were doing around 3:30pm, cuz they've been here since 6am and with this heat {103F}, I figured they'd be beat.  And they are.  But they cleaned up the yard, wrapped all the supplies up, threw a tarp over everything, and put their tools away.  I glanced over and saw this and just HAD to post it!  It's the dying plum tree that my husband cut and one of the roofer's hat and sunglasses.  I love it!

Here's a view of the back and a portion of the front:


  1. Roofing is hot work even when it's only in the 80s...

  2. Really Like the New Roof! Think its a good investment.


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