07 June 2011

reroofing, Day 1

I am very impressed with these roofers.  They came in the morning, replacing the roof as they go, fixing rotted underlying areas, non~invasive, low~chatter, fast, clean, clean, clean, and great work.  Tomorrow they will be here bright and early, which means Sophie will start to actively guard the house with lil barks and running about inside.  So I'll be ready to get up early too.  Here's what they did today:


  1. Remember them and give them recommendations. It's a pleasure giving competent people all the work they can handle.

  2. Can't wait to hear how rain sounds on it - once they are done.

  3. You were lucky to have found such reliable roofers! Quality is what you'll get by choosing the right roofers to install your new roof. How long did they work on your roof, by the way?

    -Jere Leach @ YanceyHomeImprovements

  4. two and a half days, to reroof {and replace/repair} about 5000 square feet. in summer. in mississippi. very very pleased. if you do want to read any more about it, there are two more reroofing entries in the next several days past this post in jun 2011. g'luck,


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