23 June 2011

lapghan #3, and so it begins

This is the first block for the next lapghan.  I wanted to show the back and also my nails that I had done today.  And of course, the front.  And my toes, at the end of my fat lil peasant foot!   I had a pedi today, too.  My leg seems impossibly long and it's just my shin...alllllllllllll in the perspective.  And yes, I need to shave.  Click to enlarge for detail {ya know, just in case you want to count the hair that is long enough to braid}.


  1. I didn't click to enlarge -- it's a little early in the morning leg looking!

  2. Not too early for me to look! ;-d

  3. Just stopped by to say hi. I just shaved yesterday, if anyone cares. It was getting long enough to braid. Love the nail color, nice squares.
    Take care,


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