31 May 2011

I'm a Wolf!

 My husband and I spent this past weekend at MoonDance, for the third year.  We found the above wall~hanging our first hour there.  I particularly liked this one, because it features a wolf couple, in silhouette.  It seems most of the wolf stuff you see is featuring a lone wolf, but this is special for us~~a wolf couple.

If you click on the pix, you'll see an enlargement so that you can see the detail of the two necklaces.  The top necklace is the smaller of the two and it was one that My Jerr bought me last year at MoonDance.  I love it and wear it all the time.  Whenever I wear it, I get lots and lots of compliments and comments.  So this year when we saw that the same artist had a larger one with a touch of red, I really wanted it!  The copper wiring is braided and she did an excellent job with it!

Folks who know me, have seen my artwork and know that trees are extra special for me.  My back is covered with an awesome tree, the web curls around my ribs, extending over my shoulders and down over my breasts.  All seasons are represented within the trees branches, as you can see by the spring buds over my right and the falling leaves over my left.  Several years ago, I did an extensive entry devoted just to description of my tattoos that I have.  Roughly 35~40% of my body is inked and there really isn't any way to answer the question, "how many tats do you have?" accurately.  It's just a work in progress!!

My new glasses were waiting for me when we returned home.  There are thousands of frames available, but I really liked this style of frame, so I got two pair.  The ones above are my regular wear and the ones to the right are 80% tinted.  So I have prescription sunglasses!  I can look thru my rose tinted lenses at my world.  And the best thing, both pairs, and shipping, $28 bucks!


  1. The red glasses are very New Wave. Cool.

  2. Love the tatts!!! Never saw them before. Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful story to go with the tatts. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find you again. Where did you order you glasses, I haven't bought any in two years.


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