03 October 2008

uhm, hi...? (from the local public library) onct again

Yesterday was quite the day, so lemme tell ya about some of it.  I had a bad night, Wed and Thursday started with me feeling off and not too pleasant.  My friend from this area called me to tell me that the assistant at the computer-dude's place was there and so I left my place to drive in to meet her there and such.  She has contacts and they have their fingers on the pulses of the community so she knew some stuff that I did not and wouldn't have any way to discover other than what I did (which was to contact her and ask her to put the feelers out, which she did, and rather effectively).

But on my drive in to town I had a flat.  Then I sliced my finger open on the inside edge of the hubcap while I was removing the cap from the air-stem.  The cut was deep and semi-circular and packed with grim, grit, grease, metal burrs, rubber, dirt, dust, and dog pee (dogs love tires, peeing on tires is dogs' favorite!!).

I taped some papertowels around my finger and finished what I had to do to get back on the road.  Then I drove to meet my friend at computer-dude's.  Long story somewhat shorter, I may get my computer back tomorrow, or Monday.  I'll actually believe that when it is actually in my possession.

Since a rather large confrontation (albiet very effective) occured and since I was already feeling poorly; I had a huge panic attack complete with hyperventilating, tears, sweat, blood, trembling, exploding pulses, and a throbbing headache that combined to create conditions that wore me out.  I didn't think driving was a good option at the time and so my dear friend took care of me for the rest of the afternoon.  Yeah, I'm that much fun!

We went to get my hair cut because I'd been playing hit/miss with my hair-lady (I love her!  she knows my head better than i do and still loves me anyway).  Getting my hair done always makes me feel better and my hair-lady helped me calm down and relax cuz it was very good for me to focus on lovelier things like the fact that my hair-lady is pregnant and she moved the wedding up from next summer to my birthday!!  {November 16:  see my screen id  11 16 1970}

Then, my friend and I went to my gp's to see if she could clean out my finger, cuz I simply knew that I wouldn't be able to do so effectively and my friend would stop if she thought she was hurting me.  My gp's office was closed so we went to the ER and I was ushered into a room complete with a wonderful nurse practitioner who tsk'd tsk'd and then said that she had never seen such a small wound so packed with crappy crud.  It took 45 minutes of continuous abrading to clean the majority of it and still she could not get it all.  I urged amputation at the elbow but she didn't feel like it so we ruled that option out.

After all that, I was exhausted and my friend dropped me off at my car and I drove home where I placed a few calls {HI, Kathy!!!  HI, memom!!} before watching the Damn Debate.  Afterwards, I watched "Moonstruck" which I'd never seen before and read some before fleeing to the arms of morphus.

So that was my day yesterday.  I hope to soon have my computer back, tho it may or may not be fixed.  At this point, I just want the damn thing back to me in all the pieces and parts in the right places.  More on all that later.  Perhaps this will be the last Local Public Library entry.

Hope all youse guys have a great weekend!


  1. my sweet lil nut I hope you get your computer back soon, too, because I can't stand to be without you one secont longer!!!!

  2. Dammed Debate, indeed!  I was a captive audience since I couldn't leave the dispatch room.  Dang.

    Hope the laptop is back real soon.  ;)

  3. That is as bad as getting your tit stuck in the ringer.  Oh MY......what a day!  It does feel good to get your hair done though..........especially if you get a good shampoo.  It relaxes me.  Here's hoping you get it on MONDAY.........tell him, I'll come that there and fur will fly!   Anne

  4. I'm thinking things are worse than I think they are....yikes.



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