14 October 2008

the meaning of it all

The weather here is lovely, one last summer splash before the fall flings itself with abandon from the trees, across the fields, down the hills, and along the winding dusting roads.  All last week and this, we've had temps in the 80s with low humidity so it actually feels pleasant and an occassional breeze refreshes and brings smiles to all of our faces.  My furrbees are loving it, they are napping in the afternoon sun and romping thru the yard in the evenings.  Nights are reserved for howling with the nocturnal critters in the light of the full moon.

I've been reading "The Natural History of Latin" while reviewing my old Latin texts.  Crocheting baby blankets/mats and tiny dresses for my Lil'est Friend's doll while listening to "The Meaning of Night" (an unusually long tale involving mid-1800's customs of English gentry, with plots of deceit, revenge, and mystery; as well as sub-plots of twists of fate).  I've been watching BBC's and A&E's VHS tapes on loan from (wait for it) the local public library {wink}.  Last night, I'd finished the Elizabeth R series with Glenda Jackson as uhm, Elizabeth.

No doubt I'll borrow a few more video and audio whilst here at the FLPL.  I'm on disk 13 of 19 of "The Meaning of Night".  But I think it won't be long before I'm thru with it as the plots have all thickened and are converging now in rather meaningful ways that are spellbinding.  I had to leave in the middle of this latest turn of events, so that I can visit a friend who is visiting for a brief time on her way thru from Shreveport, La to Huntsville, Al.  So 'b'bye' for now!

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  1. Well, you are a clever girl ... because you keep busy even if your laptop is in another state!

    I was thinking ... there really is no reason you can't set up a blogger/google e-mail thingy from the library and then transferring right there.  I've read on some blogs that dial up is a problem during the transfer ... not that I know or I am positive.  I am not.

    But I'm thinking if you can open your journal at the library to post to it, you should be able to just transfer it too.  No files will stay on the library PC.  At least, I'm pretty sure of that.  

    Glad to see your post!  ;)


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