27 October 2008

colder than a witches's titmouse

Damn, but I wish my webcam worked cuz dude! I'm all bundled up, complete with my double-brimmed thick fuzzy pinkish hat with lots of various dreds, including the condom I knit last year. You'd think I was nanook of the north instead of a whiner living in Mississippi. Some of you may remember The Hat, and yes, the condom is a thick fuzzy pinkish ... well, let's just say that it blends. Oh how picturesque.

This evening, I was visiting with the Vs and some other Friends, including my lil'est one, who just tickles me pinkish. She is now four (and a half, Mizz DebRAH) and is in the hilarious story telling phase when not much of the story makes sense but she is laughing hysterically and that in itself is rather infectious. Whatta card. One of the best things tho is how she greets me with enthusiastic squeals, huge grins, and flings herself at me (trusting that I will catch her, always). She makes even my worst days feel better. Case in point, three days after this whole thing with Shitt hit the fan back in July, I had stopped to see my friend (the lil'st's mother). I was in tears and my friend had yet to learn what happened or why I was a complete wreck. I didn't want to upset the girls, so I stayed out on the front porch; however, my lil'est friend came out, with a solemn face and wrapped her arms around my legs and smooshed her face into my waist and held on tightly. I gave her a big hug and she whispered, "Mizz DebRAH, be better" and gave me the be-better kiss on my chin. Even tho my heart was hurting, my lips lifted in a smile, cuz compassion comes in all sizes.

Well, tonight, when I got home from the Vs, several surprises awaited. First, Bonnie from Rochester (about whom I wrote yesterday) had sent a package and wow! there it was!! I have yet to open it, but I am certain it holds furrbee treats!! Second, my door's fixed! Yea! This meant that I could actually use my front door to come into the house instead of stumbling around back and struggling with the back door, in the process falling off the landing and bruising various parts of my person like a drunken sailor listing to port. Thirdly, the IRS had sent a lovely letter which at first put the fear of God into my cold lil heart, til I realized that Dude! all they want is a minor form relating to the whole stimulus check thing from a ways back. My cold lil heart thawed and actually began to sing hosannas.

and Yes, dammit, it is cold. By anyone's standards. Let alone by Mississippians'.

Be better, babies.


  1. I'm bundled up, too. Ma decided to not turn the heat on until November. So we've been walking around in layers. It's rainy and icky and we're supposed to get some snow mixed in later. Nothing big, just a tad, but DAMN. We've both got space heaters in our bedrooms and they work swell but I have to pee a lot and well, it's colder 'n a witch's tit in a brass bra in Alaska in there!
    Anyhow, you sound MARVELOUS! Keep up the good work, lil nut.

  2. I've had the pellet stove burning all day. The weather outside is fierce. It's so awesome little ones can just seem so intuned to you, isn't it. Here's to hoping you stay warm and all the good vibes keep plugging. (Hugs)Indigo


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