26 October 2008

g'day, eh?

Thursday the postal dude came whilst I was showering so he left the peach pick-up slip in the box and bright and early on Friday I was at the post office, giddily receiving my gift which was bubble wrapped in layers with additional padding and came to me in a clever disguised box that advertised Great Value Spring Water {three (3) one (1) gallon jugs}. Friday afternoon was spent gawking, examining, poking, opening, attaching, etc all manner of software and hardware and other lovely features that my newst gift of a laptop contains. There are some wonderfully familiar features and some I'd not seen before. I've been taking my time and being very careful checking out the new stuff.

Over all, LUV.IT. There are doos and dads and thingies and mah-jiggies and ooohs and aaahs aplenty! It's like my birthday and christmas {for the next five years} all rolled into one.

The only difficulty I have at this moment (and for the last several days) is successfully downloading software and installing hardware. I'm sure that I will unravel that snag tho. So no major worries, just yet.

Today, I did manage to install my copier/printer/scanner; rearrange and edit my account with photobucket; and change the layout, format, color scheme, and such on blogger. Yesterday, I did visit some folks at their new diggs and catch up on my eMail. Hopefully, within the next few days, I will be able to make the rest of my delayed rounds and also install my webcam, download messenger, and such.

In the mail yesterday, a warmly wonderful woman who has made brief appearances in my writings in the past had sent me a rather substantial money order and a lovely card of thanks featuring Pooh-Bear. Bonnie is one of the women for whom I made several hats last winter, so you may remember her from then. Or you may be familiar with the journals that her husband Walt had maintained. Walt always wrote as tho it were both he and she sharing and would often read aloud to Bonnie items of interest. Bonnie doesn't use the computer, but has many friends thru the online world Walt visited often. Walt died last year, and is sorely missed by many. Bonnie has continued to be a great friend thru regular mail and lately via telephone {as many of you know, for the better part of five years I avoided interaction via telephone, setting the ringer in the off position on a permanent basis...however, a few months ago, I began to use the phone more often and am now able to leave the ringer on most times}. Bonnie is my furrbees fairae godmother, sending treats and such for them on a regular basis. She is an amazingly compassionate and caring woman who is so very giving and to whom I owe a great many thanks and much appreciation.

I've been so very fortunate in friendships such as this!


  1. I would say your settling in quite nicely with your new laptop and home here at Blogger. Loved the morning after pic of Jack *winks*. It's amazing the healing power friendships hold over us. I hope you get to enjoy the richness of all your friends all they years ahead, sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Oh, that Bonnie! She makes me smile a mile wide when we chat. That soft, sweet voice and her kindness -- she and Walt were a matched pair. ;)

    Oh ... go to Flamingo Feathers, if you want, and you will see in my side bar a link to Walt & Bonnie here on blogger. The journal was migrated by AOL.


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