24 October 2008

farewell, flpl; welcome, from my home on the farm

Hello, my peoples!!

I am typing this from my home, my new gift is wonderful! I haven't yet checked everything out with it just yet, but I have discovered some features such as twice as many USB ports as I'd had, along with built-in microphone, a wide range of ports and devices for dvds, cds, disks, etc. wahoo! perhaps one of the coolest things I can think of at the moment is the Mobile BackUp External Data Storage. Basically that is my ole hard drive from the original Debra's Gift {my gateway laptop that died within these last few weeks} encased in a carrying case and made accessible thru the use of additional USB cables (so those extra USB ports are put to good use). So basically, it's like two computers in one! I can access everything that was on my original gift because I have my harddrive from that laptop too! So, all my documents, software, programs, etc. is right here {I'm pointing to my right. Here.}

I've got lots and lots to learn and explore and set and do and and and....wahoo!!

So for those of you who've been waiting for eMails, entries, etc from me in response to your eMails, comments, posts, etc; I'll be getting to you soon!! grins, debra


  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome gift hon. I'm so glad everything came together for you. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Glad you got your "puter" back!1


  3. When you figure Blogger out -- clue me in!



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