20 October 2008

Good Day, Sunshine

Today has been a very good day. I started with a shredded tire but along came a knight in a white truck who changed it for me and got me on the road in enough time to make my appointment. Two weeks ago, while changing a different tire, I sliced my finger open and jam crammed it with all sorts of gunk, grease, dirt, dust, rubber, metal, and dog pee. It's about healed up now, but it was a bitch to clean and the dudette doc was amazed that it took her almost an hour to scrub it out. So yeah, I was pretty damn pleased when I saw the dude in the white truck.

Then, I met with some old friends whom I've not seen for awhile now. We got all caught up and time zoomed past and before we knew it, our breakfast meeting turned into a luncheon. Eventually, I tore myself away and went to the tire dude's so that he could take the small lil donut tire off and put the spare regular tire on that I usually keep on hand in the trunk. The reason I didn't ask the White Truck Dude to put the spare regular on was cuz it needed air and I didn't fancy having a matching set of shredded tires, ya know how I can be.

The Tire Dude, who is also my all around Car Dude, fixin' most any problem my fifteen year old car can have, got me all set to rights and wanna guess how much it cost me? No, really, go on, guess. Wrong! One Buck. One. O.N.E. one.

Gosh, it's been a good day.


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