16 October 2008

hi! hi! hi! hi! hi! 'tis me!


transferring was lots easier than i'd thought (uhm, feared) it might be. yea!!! now, if only my laptop were to be fixed so easily. i can hope, can't i?

i'm getting a tad tired of the ol' flpl (friggen local public library, to the newbies!) but ya do whatcha gotta do.

i'm currently listening to "misquoting jesus"; currently reading "natural history of latin"; currently crocheting four baby mats/blankets (in various locations, so i can work on them no matter where i am); and watching an assortment of Gilbert and Sullivan's operas (aaaaaaaaahhh!!).

must go now. been on the public computer too long, i think. ta-ta


  1. Welcome to our new neighborhood Debs. Welcome!

  2. Welcome to this side of the blogsphere dear friend. Hope the laptop gets fixed soon for you. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I made it over here somehow!



  4. Oh, I just love that song ... I think it was written just for you. ;)


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