06 October 2008

hey, guess where i am?!? {you got it! flpl.sigh)

This morning I went to see my GP for lots of lil things that are all taken care of now; expect the flu-shot, cuz they won't get that for another couple-few weeks.  Last night, I boxed up my computer with lots of padding and later today, I will visit the post-office and send it yonder to memom to see what she can see.  Mom has a guy in mind, who looked at their's before, so she feels pretty comfortable and is reasonably confident in his abilities and ethics.  So ya know, there is hope that I may get my computer back in zippy PRESTO! shape some day before the end of the year or the end of the decade.

I have this poem on procrastination.  I'll post it.  Perhaps tomorrow, or next week.  Or ya know, some time in the future.  Maybe.



  1. I'm not going to be able to IM you until WHEN??????????????

  2. And so, just when will you be able to ... you know ... save your journal?  And I'm sad, cause I don't think I can save Walt's other than printing it, because I need a password for Blogger 'cause he had an account on blogger. ..... GAHHHHHHHHHHHH


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