22 April 2008

the mail, it's delivered

There is a package that was mailed to me on the tenth.  It finally got to me today.  I got a peach slip from the new postal lady, from a post office the next county over.  I finally tracked her down after calling there, here, and over there.  I talked with her supervisor and let him know that all she needs to do is honk the horn and I will come out to her and retrieve my package so that she doesn't even have to get out of her vehicle.  However, simply leaving a peach slip from the incorrect post office not even in this county is not a good idea and isn't effective.  I'm thrilled that the package is almost here (at least, it's accounted for) after more than ten days.

Next time, I'm gonna request that it is strapped to the back of a turtle with a snail for relief.  I might get it faster with better service.


  1. truer words have never been spoken.   Anne

  2. IS IT THE YARN??????  


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