25 April 2008

Drrtee Grrl

Well, today was a good day, but very tiring.  So things will be brief I am sure.  I went to see my counselor today, and then went to WalMart, and then went by the coffee shop and crocheted with the yarn that I picked up from WalMart.  Our WalMart seems to be one of the last that has a fair amount of yarn.  So when I have a few extra dollars, I buy some Bernat Softee Chunky skeins cuz there are not quite two dollars per.  And I use them for all sorts of things.  I already bought them out in a few colors of that sort.  I don't think I've ever bought any yarn for more than that so I cannot bear to consider those skeins that are soooooooooooo expensive.  shudder.

So after I was thru at the coffee shop, I went to the library.   Then I came home and began to do some deep spring cleaning that I have been putting off.  I went thru ten shelves of books and sorted them into keepers (and then organized them) and give-to-the-library piles (those piles had to be sorted into paperback, hardback, audio, video).  And threw out four H.U.G.E garbage bags of piles and piles of papers, some of which I've had for a good ten years, most were about five years old.  I'm gritty, grimey, dusty, and sticky.  I'm not sure why I'm sticky except maybe I was sweating and some of the dust must of mixed to make a glue.  shudder.

Anyway, that's done and now I am left with stacks and stacks of books to donate and have no idea how I will get them from here to there, unless I do it in stages (a portion of one stack at a time to the car).  There are easily 150 stacked up waiting to G.O!!  Most are old text books, sociology, statistics, reading/writing.  There are a few fiction.  And a good stack of christian oriented books.

On the shelves are still rows of books, mostly sociology, almost as many statistical volumes and then a few on writing.  The rest of the cleaned shelves, I used for my crochet patterns' binders and the yarn.  Tons, tons, and tons of yarn...i'm so happy!!

I'm not thru yet, but my lungs are!  They are filled and irritated and burning with dust that made it thru my best efforts to keep the air clean.  So I need to get scrubbed and showered before climbing into bed.

Tomorrow I need to take the car back to the garage.  I think there may be some loose connection, or something.  Cuz some of my systems are flipping in and out, my engine seems fine.  But my turn signal and my radio and my fan would sometimes be ok and sometimes not.  So I called the garage to talk with them and so tomorrow I must return the car so that they can check and such since there may have been something jarred loose while they were working on it.  It isn't a blown fuse, cuz sometimes stuff works, and sometimes it doesn't!

Anyway, now that things are a bit more organized; I can actually see what projects are where.  And I can put things where things go with out needing to move things to get to other things.  So, hope to finish a few projects, esp since some need to be given to a bride and her family in about a week!

Well this has gotten to be rather more than I intended!  Now, I must go dig the potatoes out of my armpits and dump the sand from my shoes!  Grins, Debra


  1. wow... what are ya gonna do with the potatos?

  2. hmm... you've been a busy girl while I've been galivanting about!  clean, though. Very clean.  


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