22 April 2008

the car, it goes vroom-vroom

Damn! but I might be able to finally spring my car from the shop tomorrow!  It's been in for the past ten days.  Makes me wanna cry.  First it went in with some damage.  Then they had to wait to order the parts.  Then the parts that came in weren't sufficient.  So they had to wait for the new parts before they could put the other parts in.  Well, ya know, cuz parts is parts.  shrug.  So the verdict is that tomorrow it should be done and I should get the car back!

oh happy day!


  1. Hope you finally get your car back............but parts=parts, ain't so..........mostly, parts=used parts at new prices.  ASK about that!   Good to be reading you again.  Anne

  2. OMG!  It's been TEN DAYS???
    What is happening to my life...
    well, you'll have it back befer ya know it.


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