25 April 2008

dude, it goes on and on and on and wha...? tis only noon?!?

So this morning, I went to see if my gp could take a gander at me and she immediately poked holes in my arm trying to find a vein that would bleed and fill her two tubes and such.  Then she instructed me to call her Monday and follow up next Friday.  She's concerned about some sorta skin reaction that could indicate a problem with one of my meds.  And then there's the heart palpitation thing that she is thinking means an adjustment in one of the other meds.

Then she called the Breasteses doc who said, "omg, send her right over".  So I went right over.  And he felt me up and said, "why, oh why didn't you come see me sooner?"  To which I replied, "well, ya know I'm a lumpy bumpy person with twelve lumps in my bumpilty breasts and so it wasn't til earlier this week this specific lump grew so large.  I came as soon as I could, I did".  To which the elderly gent tisked and felt me up some more with an extremely disturbed expression, muttering "don't like this, no, no i don't like this at all".  So what he thought was one massive lump of two inches by three actually is three lumps that are welded together into a rather awkward mass that he is actually looking forward to aspirating.  Oh lucky me, I get to go on Tuesday at the end of his day so that he has no rush after me and can poke, prod, and drain to his heart's content.  Fun!!  Doncha wish you were me?

Then I drove to the library with sticky boob lube adhering my bra to my breast in the most form fitting way ever.  After unloading and donating over 150 texts and other books to the library's monthly sale, I signed a release of liability which seemed a very odd thing to do when donating books to the Friends of the Library's First Monday sale.  None the less, I was glad to do it.   Where oh where is my cape?  And tights!

Next up, I drove to the garage, where Charlie looked very concerned and so next Wednesday I'm to take the car in for the day.  It would have been Tuesday, but counseling in the morning and the boob job in the afternoon, it's just such a fun filled day.  So, Wed it is!

By the time I got home, I was somewhat alarmed to realize it was not even noon and my date book for next week is full!!  I'm in such demand.  Whatta belle.

I can't wait for my guy to get here.  I really really really miss him.  Really.


  1. I hope these are only cysts.  I demand they be only harmless, friendly cysts.  


  2. Lord Miss Debra, I am waiting with anxiety worthy of good old fashioned valium for word of your condition.  

    I want your guy there too.  You need your guy right now.  (even though ;} )


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