03 April 2008

Tunisian Variation

Cuz I am having all sorts of problems with my pix-taken skills, I scanned this in directly.  It is a variation of the tunisian stitch, using a double-ended crochet hook.  Both colors are worked at once, across the row, from different ends of the hook.  The result is that one side is predominantly the bright sunny yellow, while the other side is mostly the rich chocolaty brown.  Sorta calls to mind sunflowers, this color combo does, huh?

However, I really need to get moving along so right after I scanned this, I frog'd it and rewound the yarn so that I can try something else.  My friend is wedding next month and I am not having much luck with finding exactly the right thing to make.  I may end up buying her something and then giving her whatever it is that I make for her birthday.

Cuz that's in November

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  1. Brown?  BROWN?  Are you sure that isn't purple?


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