15 April 2008

well, damn (sigh)

The tip of my nose is bright red.  But considering the alternatives, I'm pretty happy about that.  The reason it is red is because the tip of my nose is the very furtherest protrusion of my face.  My face connected with my deployed air-bag on Sunday.  I'm ok.  Really.  My lower face and upper throat were kinda numb for awhile afterwards, but no broken nose, no fractures, no bruises; cuz damn, I'm lucky.

So right now?  My car is currently at the garage where it may be fixed sometime this week and restored to drivable condition.  It's gonna be more than a pretty penny (well alright, a few hundred thousand of them lil lincoln's).  But what's money compared to health, let alone life, right?

At this point, my wallet hurts the most.


  1. Oh dear....I am sure glad you are ok!!!!!!

    get checked out with a doctor anyway!


  2. Oh, I am glad you are okay, but wow!  That's a scary trip to anywhere.  


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