07 April 2008

Bluuuu LOoommm You saw meeee standin thaaaaaiir

I know it's fuzzy, but it gives an idear at the very least...of the big blue granny square afghan I started last night.  I'm about quarter way done, to a queen size, baby!  I'm giving this to my friend who is wedding in a few weeks, and her love.   I've also been a looming fool, so that I can assemble the panels into a lapghan.  My friend's legs get very cold when she's at the computer.  So the lil lapghan is for her. Also the pink loom in the back is a serenity loom.  It is similar to an infinity board, but not the same.  It takes me some time to do that, but I'm new to it.  The purple loom in the foreground is one of my favorites!  It is sturdy and nicely spaced so I can even loom when I am having a bad body day.  Plus there are all sorts of wraps to yield all sorts of stitches.  Fun stuff that!


  1. Cool!  Cool!  Cool!

  2. The first pic kinda looks like the surface of a very peaceful planet.



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