23 April 2008

good yarn? worth the wait

ya'll know i've been getting knitty wit it...and happily hooking...and loomin large...and all those other things ya can do with hooks and needles and yarn and spools.  my friend's wedding is in about ten days and i've been frantically whipping stitches about.  in the mean time, i did get my car back today!  yea!  and i did get my box of yarn!

what grand yarn it is, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, baby yarn, bold bright yarn, pastel yarn, jewel yarn, smooth yarn, silverlash yarn, oh my!

i'm finishing a few things for brenda's wedding.  and also am in the midst of making a shawl for my mother for her visit in may (perhaps it will be a mom's day gift).  and a few other things.  will take pix and post when i can.

and will write a better, witter yarn for ya later!


  1. woooo HOOO!
    Yeah baby! The yarn has ARRIVED!

  2. Well, ya spun a good yarn there Debs!   You gave me a chuckle.   Anne

  3. Oh, don't you just love yarn?  I don't go near the yarn department except every time I go to Joann's Fabric ... they have a sale bin with the most beautiful, expensive yarns they carry ... and I always buy some.  Then pass it on to my sister or my daughter 'cause I just can't do what i used to do.  sigh.

    Car back?  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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