17 April 2008

why I'm blurry eyed (and so are you, wink)

My friend (Brenda) is wedding in about two weeks.  She and her groom will have a ceremony with Brenda's children included.  Katie, age eleven, will be the bride's maid.  James, age six, will be the best man.  It will be a family affair as Mark is marrying Brenda and pledging to care for her children as well.  Her children are welcoming Mark into their lives.

With this in mind, I've made items for all of them.  For the bride and groom, there is a queen sized granny square afghan.  I've no more yarn for that and have to wait til I can get more to finish it off.  It was featured a few weeks back, and I will take a better picture when it is complete.

For Brenda, I've made a lapghan for her legs, which get very cold when she is seated at the computer.  It is done with double-ended hook, so that one side is primarily brown with some yellow and the other is primarily yellow with some brown. I also made a small toy soldier bag for James.  I used several strands of two shades of sage green to give it a camo-like feel.  It was loomed on the green knifty knitter's round loom. For Katie, I loomed a larger overnight/weekend bag on the yellow round knifty knitter.  I used red heart's baby cloud in a seaspray with white draw-cord and reinforcement.

  In an unrelated project, I've started to make a good sized wash-cloth.  It is about fifteen inches wide, using a knit tunisian stitch with a metal crochet hook.  I'm using a yellow/white variegated cotton.  This is the same sort of yarn that I'd used for my mother's apron last fall.  I've no picture of that because I did not acquire the webcam til a few months ago and had already given the apron to my mother.


  1. Just look what you get into when I leave you on your own!

  2. I still can't tell you why -- but when you photograph your projects up close, they look like pictures of planet surfaces.  Weird.  I should have been in bed hours ago.


  3. Well, no wonder your alerts are few and far between.  Oh, I know, I should talk!!!

    Loving your projects and I'm sort of fascinated by knitting with a crochet hook.  That's another one of those I gotta try it before I die things ....  ;)

  4. Well, Debra, I had a lot to catch up on with your blog,LOL!!  Haven't been on the computer much lately.

    The wedding couple and the children will be thrilled with  you gifts, I'm sure. What special gifts for a special day.  I always think that handmade gifts are treasures that will be around a long time and can be handed down.The wedding sounds like it will be a really blessed event. How special!!

    Well, off to catch up on a zillion emails or at least some of them. I am working tomorrow which means more will gather in my mail box, LOL!!

    ps> loved your booties from class!  I still have to finish mine!


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