02 December 2005

Wake up, sleepy me...

I am very tired.  The thought of getting in my car and driving to PT is not welcome.  My dishes need washing, my fridge needs cleaning, the garbage needs to be taken out, the floor ought to be scrubbed, and my sheets should be changed.  Then I ought to wash my laundry and get everything squared away.

Then there is all the paperwork that needs to be completed.  Oh, and Christmas cards to be sent.  And really all I want to do is crawl back into bed and snooze on.

hope your day is going better.


  1. Debra, please take care of yourself, and seek help if you need to. It may be that you just felt like venting a bit, but you and we both understand the implications of what you are saying, particularly your first sentence. It represents a hallmark of those who are undergoing more than the normal stresses of life. We are here if you want or need us to listen. Be well.
    Bon & Mal

  2. Take care, Debra. Hope you get yourself back on track soon. Get some help if you need to.


  3. LOL, sounds as though I might have a lot to do should I stop by today  hehheh. Hang in there, Deb, it'll all get done!



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