03 December 2005

got milk? not me!

Also, whilst over visitting my forementioned friend....her baby-girl is about a year and a half and she does nurse occassionally yet.  Since her vocabulary is expanding and her knowledge-base is growing in leaps and bounds, the baby-girl sometimes will lean against her mom and pat her chest gently and pronounce, "milk!"  Sometimes, my lil year and a half old friend wants a little variety I guess, cuz from time to time, she'll reach for ME and demand, "milk!", while trying to root under my shirt.

The first time it happened, I was taken aback.  Uhhhh, what to do...?  Now, I redirect her toward mommy or I go get her a drink in her sippee-cup.  The thing is, she seems to be frustrated that I don't oblige her desire to nurse.  Maybe she's puzzled, I mean, it LOOKS like I got the equipment.....but, I'm not the mommee (ala Alanis's "I'm not the Doctor").

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