21 December 2005

wahoo! & we're off...!

So, my guy and I drove down to my place; got the tags and registration for my vehicle renewed; dropped off my library books; WENT TO THE WELLNESS CONNECTION CENTER and got my present (a year's membership); mopped all my floors; played with my pups; and loaded Ace and all his things up.  We drove back to my guy's and I gave Ace a bath, in the kitchen sink, using the little spray hose attachment.  At first he appeared to be ready to leap from the sink, but lo and behold! he discovered the dirty lasagna pan (cuz I haven't stuck it in the dishwasher and we just emptied it).  THAT cheesy goodness captured his interest for the entire bathing process....

So, we are almost ready to take off for the Ouchita Mountains of Arkansas!!!  Yea!!!  Here I come, memom and pops!!

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