20 December 2005

uh, she sheepishly bleats

or maybe that's "utters".

I didn't realize til just now that it has been so long since I posted an entry.  This update won't cover everything, but some highlights are touched upon.  Hopefully, I won't rest on my rhodedendrons too long before the next post!

Well, my guy and I went to see Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It was fine, very similar in themes with the Lord of the Rings, but I guess that isn't very surprising since Lewis was very influenced by Tolkien in other matters as well.

We also went to see King Kong, which was good.  I've never seen any other version, so I wasn't doing comparisons, but obviously I was familiar with the whole saving the damsel in distress, fighting off the airplanes, whilst balancing on the empire state building.  I mean, I don't think you can grow up in US and not have some imagery of those elements ingrained at some point.

My father's birthday was last week.  I called him and, as tradition holds in my family, sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  It was a good conversation.

My guy and I are driving out to see my folks on Thursday.  My guy will return to MS to be with his mother on Christmas Eve, while I will stay with my folks as I haven't seen them since LAST Christmas.  I'm really excited about the visit.

I'll be taking Ace, my Boston Terrier with me.  He is older and his coat is thinner, and he minds the shivery cold very much.  My neighbors are watching my other two pupsicles and they are lending me their pet carrier.  The carrier is not so much for the trip but for the stay, that was he can bed down for the night and I won't have to worry about him roaming and "marking" the place (well, he is a little incontinent....ok, he's alot incontinent...but I still love him, even if he is a lil stinker).

Ziggee curls up with Shaddow and they will be fine.  I cannot imagine taking all three of them in the car, nor can I see imposing on my folks for that length of time with all of them.  So, I'll bundle Ace up in his lil sweater (he looks so dignified...well, he does!) and harness and take his leash, bowls, food, toys, etc.

Well, I've got to run, got lasagna baking and it smells sooooooooooo good!!!

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  1. hmmmmmm, I thought I smeled lasagna.  Have fun on your Christmas trip and drive carefully.  Hug the pups for me.   Anne


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