11 December 2005

Hello, from Oxford

Mississippi, that is.

I'm visiting my guy for the first time since August.  It's about a two hour drive from my place.  Yesterday was a nice day for the drive.

My neighbor is doggie care-giving for me.  She spoils my pups rotten, microwaves and serves their food warm.  Dudes!  There's times I feel like pouring milk over cereal is sufficient for a meal, let alone zapping the dogs' food.

Today, my guy and I went for a very nice lunch on the square and then while he met and worked with another grad student, I read my book and drank the house coffee of the day.  After that, we went to Walmart to stock up on groceries and stuff.  We both have to be in the right frame of mind to face Walmart.  I'm not fond of shopping, so it's a real chore.  But it's done.  Yea!

Now, he is sorting through all his paperwork, school work, etc.  And I am thinking that it's too late for nappage, but I might call it an early night.  Tomorrow we drive down to Jackson for the day.  I have a feeling this week will zoom! right by.

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  1. Jeez, for a second I thought you went to england.

    Whatever. Mississippi is cool if only because it's fun as hell to spell when you're little!



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