03 December 2005

sssssssssssaaaaaaaaay, wotchu got there?

Last night, I was over at my friends' place.  Their six year old daughter was playing with her Barbie while sitting on the floor in front of me.  The lil girl turned toward me and held up the doll.

"Look, Mizz Debra, Barbie's white, just like you."

"uhhuh" (ain't I so intelligent?)

"'cepting she's got blonde, i mean white, hair"

"uhhuh" (me again, showcasing my intelligence)

"and it's looooong.  her hair, i mean"

"uhhuh" (not a lot of variation coming from me, is there?)

"and," she leans really close, cuz this is very important, as she peels up Barbie's lycra/spandex/nylon shirt to reveal her nippleless breasts, "when I get bigger, I'm gonna grow some of these."

"uhhhhhhhhuh"  (hey! if the answer is working, don't mess with the formula)

After the BIBLE-STUDY, I slipped on over and related the conversation to her mother.  She laughed and reassured me that I handled it just fine.  Which is good, cuz sometimes I am clearly at a loss of words around the child.  But, the child is usually intent on rambling to me so she doesn't really need much feedback, just my attention.  That, she has, no problem.

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  1. When I was little playing with my Barlie, I wanted to "grow some of those, too!"

    They never took...



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