07 December 2005


Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's Group Facilitation Day (I actually DO think in caps like that).  Sometimes, I get a bit more tuckered out on Thursdays than any other day.  It involves driving from my place in the country to town, then driving to another town, and back again.

It involves being able to be a facilitator for two support groups for those with mental illnesses &/or brain disorders.  Usually, that is not too hard, but the days when I feel like crap and need some support myself, I don't really have a chance to get it from the groups.  Sometimes it is enough to know that I am helping SOMEBODY but sometimes I need some help too.  I can't really find that within the group, as our groups are fairly young and haven't had time to bond and become cohesive.  The groups still very much continue to need facilitation to ease the flow of communication and redirect focus to the topic at hand and generate support for each group member, and as of yet, I don't feel that I am a group member, because of not being able to participate to the same extent as the others.

Next Thursday will be the first time since September that I will have missed facilitation.  I have notified my co-facilitators, so they can field this as they see fit.  Both of them (one for each group) are nervous as all get-out.

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  1. Don't forget friend, you will always have a place here.


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