02 December 2005

whine and crackers

My last entry was full of whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining.  I did go to PT and did do some of the chores such as the garbage.  Plus I threw in an unscheduled stop at Lowe's and picked up fifty feet of fencing.  I unrolled and flattened it, preparing it for installation, as soon as I got home.

Then I realized my lower back was spasming.  The PT is in response to my persistantly explaining that my lower back would bind tighter and tighter as I moved, so much so that simply walking would bring tears and difficulty in breathing.  Finally, a month or so ago, the doc said, "hey!  I think you have a chronic sprain that needs to be addressed."  Gee, Wally, ya think?

Hence, the PT was ordered.  I am using equipment that should be increasing the toning and strength of my torso in particular, the rest of my body in general.  The weight is being added so that I've gradually increased the amount of resistance.  My PT says that I am doing great and since we are 3/4 through, he feels that I should be able to do chores, such as laundry and simple lifting, with no problem.

My lower back, particularly on my right side, has been in spasm most of the day.  I told him after therapy that my back siezes whilst walking short distances still.  I am beginning to get frustrated all over again.

After I left PT, I did a few errands, paid a few bills, and stopped at LJ's Coffee and Bakery for some tea.  I am very conscience of my posture, so while I was sitting there, I could still feel my back doing funky things it oughtn't be doing.  Then I noticed I was feeling slightly nauseated.

That's where the crackers would have come in, if I had some.  I didn't want to try eating, cuz lately that seems to make me feel worse instead of better.  The not so great wooziness continued for a couple hours.

The good thing is, now I am feeling better.  The bad thing is, I am not sure what is causing the nausea.  I am also frustrated because I have no idea what else to do to strengthen my back so I can walk pain-free.

One thing that I plan to do, is to see about continuing my workout at the university's gym.  I need to see if I can find someone (a student, faculty member, or staff) to sponsor me so that my fee for the term is more affordable.  There are trainers there.  I spoke with my PT and he said that was a great idea.

We shall see.


  1. hello, this is my first time here. just wanted to let you know i was reading you. i enjoyed the back spasming, sounded like pure hell.....

    have a great weekend, dave

    remember to smile...

  2. Ok, you can ignore our last comment. We're sorry to hear about the back pain. Perhaps a new doctor is in order, someone with more experience.
    Bon & Mal

  3. Glad to hear that you are on the rebound. Don't worry about venting in your last post, there is nothing wrong with it. It's only natural from time to time. Sorry about the back pain, but you are being proactive in dealing with it. You are seeking solutions, and that is a step in the right direction.



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