30 January 2011


This symbol {psi} is claimed by the discipline of Psychology, the field in which my husband's eldest son's wife is pursuing her PhD.  This afghan that I've been working on is a gift for the two of them.  It incorporates various elements that represent the two of them.  The "W" that is the main focus, the center, is for their family's surname {which is also now mine}.  The two "w"s at the top, each bracketed by two crescent moons, is for both my husband's eldest son and his wife.  The psi symbol at the bottom of the afghan is for the wife. And along the sides will be the representation of  my husband's eldest son's artist's stamp {which I have not yet graphed and do not have pictured here as of yet}.  I'll take a picture of the completed top {and foot} of the afghan in the next few days, when that portion is completed.  I've only been working on the Psi symbol since yesterday, so I think I'm making good progress.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to let your thoughts be known!