13 January 2011

tids 'n' bits

Yesterday, my husband and I started ballroom dance at our local Wellness Connection {which is affiliated with our local hospital}. The ballroom dance class will be held for six weeks {five are left}, once per week {Tuesdays}, for an hour or so. There are about seven or eight couples, I think. For the most part, we are all beginners. The first class was the start of east coast swing. Next week, we'll continue that style but go faster, double and triple time, I think. The following two weeks are a smooth dance; class's choice of fox~trot or waltz. Then the last two weeks are focused on Latin, which I'm not sure which specifically, but the instructor did say that we would not be learning salsa, as there are not many places in this area to actually dance salsa.

We had fun, tho next time, I plan to wear shorts and a tank top cuz I got way too hot and sweated like the lil rotund piglet I feel like {which is odd, cuz pigs and their offspring don't sweat}. Well, maybe shorts would be pushing it, but definitely a tank. My husband was extremely patient with me, especially toward the end when I started to get slightly dizzy {overweight or vertigo, perhaps a touch of both~~I've been experiencing vertigo frequently lately, and I think it's due to being fat~~230+ is fat, unless you are at least a foot taller than I am and also a football player}. My hips started to stiffen up some, which is pitiful as I'm forty and my husband who is 55 with a newly healed multiple fractured like was just fine and limber. As I said, he was very patient with me especially as I had to take more and more frequent breathers.

We are to practice every day. Today, we both did so at odd times during the day in snatches. But tomorrow, we actually plan to practice together for at least half an hour. I need to work on the timing of the turns, cuz somehow I am two beats behind. It takes longer to get all the way around when at this size...excuses, excuses, right?

Also, I've managed to get an issue resolved and it only took me just over two years to do so! Ok, that was a lil sarcasm, but But BUT I am so very thrilled to actually have it resolved that I don't even care that it took me this long to do so. See, when AOL/AIM discontinued their journals division in fall 2008, they worked with blogger/blogspot to help users import their posts so that they wouldn't lose all the entries. I had no problem switching this journal over, but I needed assistance with making the transfer for the original Debra's Daily Dose. Someone at AOL/AIM {or blogger/blogspot/google} helped me do so, but when they did so, they didn't allow me to have full administrative abilities. This meant that I couldn't edit or delete any of the previous posts.

Why would I want to do so? Well, when AOL/AIM shut down journals, they also discontinued the community which included FTP {which is where the pix were stored that were featured in entries}. This meant that most pix also disappeared, leaving any references that were made in the post to a picture obsolete. I like to tidy stuff like that up. I also like to correct and update any links that I use in the text. So there are lots of reasons why I was frustrated over not being able to edit my own work.

So I am very excited to be finally able to do so! Yea!!! I'm going to get started with restoring what pix I can, the format/style/layout, and making other features compatible. Also, I'll prune and delete where needed. Some entries don't make any sense without the pic or usable links, and so I can just make it tighter. The original Debra's Daily Dose had less than a hundred entries, but once I cull thru those, I'll include links here to there, and vice versa.

Currently, it's less than twenty degrees here, with a wind~chill of ten. TEN. I have some serious hat~head, cuz I've been wearing my sleep cap whenever I am at home. Gotta hold that heat in somehow. I'm also wearing thermals under my sweat pants and two pair socks as well as fuzzy slippers. With all my layers, I am snug. Very snug.

I feel bad for Sophie when I take her out to do her business. She is so lil and she just shivers and quivers. As soon as she can, she scampers up the ramp to come back in the house. Most of the day, she curls up inside my hoodie, against my chest, and naps. It keeps us both warmer.


  1. So there are people who actually take ballroom dancing lessons...I wondered. ;)

  2. Its was fun (the class) and I look forward to (hopefully) getting better at it.


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