28 January 2011

unsolicited calles

Last night, I was seated at the dining room table, crocheting on the rather large afghan that's heaped there.  The phone rang and I answered it without thinking {which is pretty rare for me, given that I don't particularly like the phone and we do have caller id but I didn't even look}.  The female caller immediately went into a spiel about how she wasn't trying to sell me a thing but that she was working for a survey firm and she'd like to ask one question for a short survey they are conducting and oh by the way, are you still on the line?  After I laughingly reassured her that I was, cuz I am sure that by the time she gets part way thru her intro speech, most folks hang up; she then asked to speak with a male {or ya know female} registered to vote.  So I told her that I am female and registered to vote.  And she exclaimed, in Mississippi?!?  Why, yes.  Perhaps I don't sound like I could be registered to vote in Mississippi, or perhaps she rarely has successfully gotten to this point in her survey in the past.  She informed me that there was a run off election between this person and that and asked which of the following two candidates did I intend to vote for?

By this point I had burst into laughter several times and did so again.  I explained that usually when someone says "which of the following candidates", they then actually list the options and could she please do so for me?  Cuz I didn't catch the two names of "this person and that".  So she told me.

At this point, I could have said, dude, I have no intention to vote for either.  But I was having fun by then and didn't want to be realistically rude to the poor woman.  So I said that I've been getting prerecorded phone calls from one candidate telling me which church he and his wife attend, the wife he's been married to for X years, with whom he has this many children, and all sorts of other irrelevant feel~good information which doesn't tell me anything about his political platform about the issues he is running on.

So I'll vote for the other guy.  Then I burst into another peal of laughter and admitted that is an awful way to determine whom to vote for, but I'd really like to vote against someone and you cannot do that, so the next closest thing is to vote for the other candidate.  At this point, said caller was chuckling and she said, "I really don't know how to end this call."  And I said, "have a good evening, good bye" and started to hang up.  As I did, I heard her saying to someone else, "Ohmigawd, I just had the most bizarre caller..."  And I wanted to say, "I wasn't the caller.  I was the callee."  But I didn't cuz I'd already disconnected.

I take my cheap thrills where I can find them.

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  1. Man, I miss the Ernestine character. LT is a Goddess!


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