29 January 2011

project status: detail

This is actually one of two added detail graphics that I did this week.  This is the back of the project.  The reason you can see cafe {brown} yarn tails hanging off the top row is because this is the last row where I used multiple skeins for this graph.  After this, there are just solid rows atop.  Which means that I only need one skein instead of nine plus.

You can also see in some areas where I carried the unused yarn thru to the next solid swatch because I didn't want to drop and restart in smaller areas.  Once I spread it out on the bed, I can tidy some areas up by spacing things out better and trimming some loose ends.

My husband tells me that I notice details and less than perfect areas because I am the creator of the piece.  He assures me that most folks aren't going to notice unless I go pointing out the flubs.  I know that's probably true, at least to a certain extent.  But I don't like giving work that has ugliness cuz I know it's there and it's not done right.  I hoping that I can fix what needs to be fixed.

Once the entire piece is spread on the bed, I'll take another picture of the entire thing.  Sometimes seeing it as a whole instead of small areas like shown above gives a more accurate idea of how it is perceived by others.  Hopefully, I won't have too much left on this one to do before I can give it to the intended recipients.

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