01 January 2011

Happiest of new years to all {and to all, a good night}

Tonight, my husband and I went to our local Applebee's. We ate various appetizers all night and toasted with complimentary champagne. We played yahtzee for a couple hours while there and had a blast!

But we knew that when we would get home, our newest lil girl would be in a tizzy over the torrential downpour with crashing thunder and blinding lightening. And the fact that she was all alone. So we knew that the bathroom might be in a state of puppy~poop and puppy~puddles.

When we got home, I burst out laughing cuz it appeared that Sophie, all five pounds of her, tried to wipe up after herself. With an entire roll of toilet paper. She'd managed to catch a loose end, spool the entire roll out onto the floor, spread it out, shred some of it, and yet it covered all of her messes.

It did make for easier clean~up, tho.

Have a happy and safe welcoming of the newest year and take advantage of the weekend to rest up before starting the new work~week.

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  1. Sophie is definintely an entrenched member of the family now. Such a cutie!


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