19 January 2011

project status and some YEA ME!!s

Here's an update on the latest project:  it's about one~third completed.  I'll take another pic in a few days when some more definition is able to be clearly seen.  Any guesses yet?

I've gotten most of the large bedroom in the addition finished.  I do need to go thru a colossal amount of VHS tapes, cassette tapes, DVDs, and CDs yet.  Once that is finished, I'm pretty much thru in there.

Also I feel good about being able to take care of a difficult situation which I'd been dreading to deal with.  Of the twenty plus medical offices, doctors, hospitals, physical therapists, etc. which have taken part in my husband's post~wreck care, there is one which has been problematic.  One.  They keep shoddy records and have given conflicting reports to me, to our insurance carrier, to a collection agency, etc.  {as a side note, the collection agency they retained {which they now say they have no record of contacting} violated the Federal Trade Fair Debit Collections Act, so I filed a complaint with the FTC, and they found in my favor and told the collection agency to back off~~YEA, me!}  So today, I called this Problematic Medical Office to see what the problem was...as they are the only one of twenty plus offices to have problems filing claims with our insurance {who will eventually be reimbursed by the other driver's insurance, oh yes, they will}.  It's odd that twenty some offices have been able to successfully file claims, while this one office can't get their shit together to do something which is fairly straight forward.  And really, the amount they are getting all excited about is less than five percent of our total amount of medical expenses at this point.

Anyway, I think we may have gotten a huge part of the problem ironed out.  It turns out that their own system was kicking the claim back to them, before it even left their office.  So all this time that they've been getting on us, it was really an internal issue that no one in their own office caught.  Then the representative says, "well, gee, you shouldn't have ever been getting those bills anyway".  Uhm, yeah.  Good thing I document so very well, dudes, cuz your collective ass?  Just got burned.


  1. You DA MAN!!!! I knew you could handle those big dummies. Also you've put a great amount of time & work into your crochet project. It (& you) are fabulous!

  2. How rare for a place like that to admit a mistake!


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