02 February 2011

project status: psi symbol completed

 The Psi~symbol has been completed!  Yea!!  Compare to the symbol found online pictured in the last entry.

 ...next up, sides!  I have to first graph and plan them before working on them.  They will be based on my husband's eldest son's artist's stamp.  His pottery stamp is a stylized set of "W"s that sort of resembles a diamond shape with hash~marks.  I think.  I mean, when we examined our pottery pieces, that's what both my husband and I came up with.  I'm fairly certain that he {the eldest son} doesn't read my blog and if he does {HI!} then I guess the surprise has been spoiled.  But that's the main reason why I don't just say, "hey, yeah, I was wondering, would you draw your artist's stamp out for me, thanks!"

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