29 January 2011

droll classic

So far my favorite movie quote from Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which we are now watching, is:

"You can't fight here, it's the war room!"

Also, this has all sorts of surprises for me.  Like this was James Earl Jones's first appearance on the big screen.  Peter Sellers plays three roles in this movie, including the President of the US of A.  George C. Scott looks unrealistically young.  And I love the way folks deliver their lines, deadpan.  This is definitely a movie that you need to be paying attention during, or else you miss lots of the dark humor.  In fact, this movie is greatly misunderstood by the masses, esp those who have not seen it but are merely going on third or fourth hand misinformation and speak with indignant tones of disbelief and bluster.

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  1. I've never seem this -- I tend to skip "classics".


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