15 January 2011

lil steps

{me, last night, wearing a Raiders' hat that I'd made for my husband last year, it's a lil too big for him}

I've been feeling sorta woozy lately, easily tuckered, and disoriented.  I think that it is just that time of year, plus having some things settle a bit.  Post holidays, most folks tend to slow down, esp with colder weather.  At least, that's how it seems.

So I'm not overly worried about my increased need for rest.  Lately, my sleep has not been restive and that's where I am beginning to worry.  Terribly vivid dreams that cause much anxiety aren't conducive to solid valuable rest.

Last night, I went to bed around ten.  I read for about half an hour and then shut the lamp off and went to sleep.  I had a horrible night, so not only didn't I get up for a swim with my husband, I also didn't go to my writers' group at the library.  We didn't go out for lunch.  I finally got up around one this afternoon feeling like I had been worked over with a rubber mallet; my joints were screaming and my head was hurting.

So I took it slow this afternoon, made some tea, had a bagel, sat in my chair, watched some TiVo'd Tales from the Darkside, and cuddled with Sophie until I started to feel functional.  Then I went back into my craftee room which also functions as our office, and did some sorting and putting things away and such.  So, now, that room is done!

It's taken me a year plus to get it this nice.  Last year, after the wedding, I heaped the table full on all wedding~related things, as well as all our stuff from the honeymoon.  Then because I couldn't get to certain areas to put other things away, I would just stack stuff.  So, just after Christmas of this year, my husband and I went thru stacks of paperwork, bills, etc.  We filed things, threw things out {burnt them}, and got those organized.

I rolled up skeins and put them up, opened bags and cleared out projects, material, etc.  Balled up yarn and ripped half~finished abandoned projects.  Put up the iron board, sorted out spools of thread, and organized drawers and shelves.  It looks really nice back there now.

There is a lil area set up with a plush swivel rocking chair, a lil cd/tape player, a floor lamp with a small round table with everything ready for me to take a hot cuppa tea and settle in to listen to an audio book while getting busy with a project or two.  It's very comfortable.  Very soothing.  So now, when I need a lil break from football or desire to surround myself with lovely yarn, I have my very own haven.



  1. Possibly the coziest spot on earth. Very calming.

  2. Yeah! Yeah! I know you have a (well deserved) great sense of accomplishment.


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